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My name is Haze Booth. I consider myself a full-stack engineer, but I mainly enjoy systems/cloud programming. I consider myself a Rust evangelist and have been enjoying it since 2014, but also have very high hopes for Zig as a general-purpose replacement for more performance-critical software. Aside from code, I own (but rarely practice) an electric bass, numerous keyboards, and a dusty CR10s 3-D printer.


Below is a list of the computers I own and operate on a (mostly) daily basis

Workstation: 2019 Mac Pro (Pluto)🔗

Decommissioned Workstation: Hackintosh (Deep Pearl)🔗

This computer is was my pride and joy. Not much to say about it other than mac OS is probably the best development environment someone could ask for. Everything just works looks nice and plays well.

Gaming PC🔗

Gaming is a great way to relax and take my eyes and brain off of computational problems. I mainly play FPS games like Valorant and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. I also enjoy arcade-style fighting games like Tekken 7 and Brawlhalla (When the game was just out of its beta phase I was normally within the platinum rank, but I've grown rusty over the years)

Home Server iok🔗

I use this server for hosting my family’s personal PLEX instance, along with roon for my father's vast music collection. When my older RTX 2080 began suffering memory corruption issues, I moved it from the Gaming PC to here so I could run some TensorFlow tasks that benefit from a GPU. It sucks that Tensorflow doesn't support macOS or AMD cards natively.




I have Nystagmus, Astigmatism and Myopia, and even with glasses, it's still very hard for me to see. I prefer a 27 inch, 144hz (and above), 2k resolution screen. 4K resolutions on desktops (notably Windows) have very shoddy upscaling and I'm willing to sacrifice that resolution for something remotely visible.

I recently purchased the Pro Dispaly XDR because I anticipate doing some serious video editing for programming videos / tutorials. It's the closest thing you can get to an OLED monitor without burn in and spending $40,000 USD.

For entertainment, I love my LG OLED T.V. I think the true-black feature of OLED panels is a killer feature for most cinematic/entertainment purposes. No other screen I own compares to this.

Development setup🔗

My terminal

For development I only use Neovim. I keep around 2-3 extra tabs per iTerm2 window and use that as project management.