Computing Setup

March 29, 2021

Is anyone really surprised that a software engineer has more than one computer? Below is a list of all the computers I currently own and use.

ItemPrice (USD)
Apple M1 Mac Mini$1,300
Apple x86_64 Mac Pro$8,000
Custom Built Gaming PCI forgot lol

My room is really small, so my desk is small as well. I can just barely fit my two monitors on the desk, along with the tripod for my camera. I have my Pro Display XDR on the right, and my ASUS VG27AQ on the left. The Pro Display XDR is for the M1 Mac Mini, and the VG27AQ is for the gaming pc. I do more serious editing work (Final Cut Pro, Motion, Affinity Designer + Photo, iTerm) on this display because it's such a high resolution, bright and color accurate. I chose the VG27AQ because of it's high refresh rate (144hz) and smaller resolution. (2k is easier to run with games than 6k is).

I have both computers hooked up through both a software and hardware kvm, with the Mac being the main server (as Windows has to restart more often). I use Synergy as my software KVM for quickly moving between the two computers as if they were one. This is the most native experience I think you can get without hitting a button each time to swap usb control over. However, for some hardcore games like VALORANT, which don't respond to software provided mouse input, I have to use the hardware kvm to have the mouse act as a native USB input. Each computer has it's own audio interface, the only shared asset is keyboard (Custom built, m60a + lubed 65g bobas + PBT Heavy Industry) and mouse (Wireless Logitech G502).