Things I plan to build

fmfl - Fix my F*cking Library

My dad has a massive music library. It's around 506 GB of music, totaling 23 WEEKS of music, featuring 51,595 tracks, and 12,394 artists. Because this library is older than me, and my dad isn't a very organized person, I'd say a large % of tracks aren't tagged correctly and the file system is all out of whack. I want a simple command to run ONCE and have it correct everything. I've tried applications like beets (which is how I got those stats) and MusicBrainz Picard, but they either didn't work or took too long. The machine I'm trying to correct them on has 150+ GB of RAM, and 32 cores, hooked up to ethernet. This should be possible with the trove of information about music out there on Discogs and such.


I need a command line application to easily store music into a database, grab all relevant inforamtion from online sources and make a nice list for my site.