A long time ago (in a galaxy far far away?) I used to have a blog hosted at haze.cool/blog but when I rewrote that site I scrapped it with the vision of a cleaner, minimalistic approach. Back then, I had manually written all my blog posts in raw HTML & js, and while it granted me maximum flexibility in terms of how I wanted to lay my pages out, I was over-encumbered by the amount of work needed to get another post up. Fast forward a couple of years later I had been reading a bunch of blog posts from Yoshua Wuyts and Rasmus Andersson and realized I wanted to start my blog again and copy their brutalist-minimalistic aura. (You can tell which one I took the most inspiration from)

This blog was created with Zola and is hosted on Google's Firebase.

When creating the blog, I ran into a couple of issues that took me a couple of days to solve.